TVF’s Yeh Meri Family : The evoking series flashed back 90’s childhood.

TVF’s Yeh Meri Family: The must watch a nostalgic journey of 90’s childhood summer.

TVF play's Yeh meri family
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TVF play is back again with an amazing nostalgic, sweet and emotional web series, “Yeh Meri family.” In the midst of success of Sacred Games, it was a challenge for TVF play to launch their web series. Yeh meri family is such a beautiful and evoking series which would probably take you back to your 90’s summer vacations.

TVF play’s Yeh meri family is a must watch web series, if you missed being a birthday boy at school because your birthday occurs in summer vacations. If you also live beneath the shadow of your elder brother. And you also have to do all the works of your home in spite of your elder brother. If you are the mischievous child of your home and get scolded by your parents on daily basis.

And if you also went to tuitions and bunk classes to play out with your friends. If you also got Love in the FLAMES game with you childhood crush. And you also watched Fashion TV after your parents went to sleep. If you miss all these fun of your childhood. Then Yeh meri family is the best web series for you. It would probably take back to your childhood and all your memories will flashback in just 7 episodes.

In a period, when everyone is appreciating Sacred Games, TVF play are back with a bang on YouTube. The nostalgic, emotional web series would take anyone to his/her pre-teen days. In a situation where the channel is struggling too much about content issues. And the directors are harassed and accused too much, they made a great comeback. They are just back with a bang with those emotional and sweet 7 episodes.
Watch the trailer of the must-watch nostalgic web series by clicking the link below –

TVF’s Yeh Meri Family: The must watch a nostalgic journey of 90’s childhood summer.

The director Sameer Saxena inspired by the simplicity of Rajkumar Hirani made it to another level. Mr. Saxena put all the characters in a perfect plot and with such great acting, they did it and saved TVF play channel. Fine acting performance from child actors is another reason for their success. Especially from Vishesh Bansal as “Harshu” and Prasad Reddy as “Shanky” made everyone awestruck throughout the episodes. It’s damn tough to adapt your character into situations that you don’t even face.
TV actress Mona Singh as the mother and famous director Akarsh Khurana as the cool dad won all our hearts. Anyone can easily watch all the 7 episodes in a row. And can fully enjoy those loudly special funny one-liners.

TVF’s Yeh Meri Family: The must watch a nostalgic journey of 90’s childhood summer.

The writers have done their job amazingly well and make it more funny and nostalgic. The perfect use of metaphors in the form of Mario game, monopoly, and many other things. Udit Narayan’s Aisi Hai Hawa on road trips. The story of Hira-Moti to describe live between brothers. The nostalgic story basically tells us about the deep love between siblings. Besides siblings, a friend like Shanky is also important in life is also the moral of the story. The story shows the importance of a cool dad in the life of a child. The scene when Akarsh Khurana says, “Bhai Pyaar dikahte Nhi, krte h” brought tears to almost everyone. That scene describes the hidden love between siblings nowadays in every house.

Overall, the complete TVF play’s comeback series, Yeh Meri family is a must watch the show. For all the viewers in India who still miss the Summer vacation of the 90’s. The series has a perfect story which also taught the new generation the love between siblings. I personally prefer this recent series from TVF to everyone who has siblings. Moreover, Yeh Meri family is a great comeback of TVF play as well as their viewers.

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