Mysterious and strange video on youtube

Mysterious and strange video on youtube

Youtube, this is a place at which more than 1000000000 active user accounts and many videos uploads in a second, It is said that if you sit to seeing all videos on youtube then it will take 60000 years but some video gone to the mysterious world.

Videos are uploaded on youtube every second and some videos comes in the category of the weird and strange class.

So, let’s explore some mysterious and strange videos on youtube.

People have got this video from Croatian country. The strange thing is the man who created this video and the man in this video, both are missing.

One day an unclaimed camera got the people, police seized the camera because of the disappeared man was last seen in this video.

In this video, two men were playing in the park, the video creator tells that he would test his new camera by taking video of his friend, and suddenly a strange thing looks like human follows him and reaches the elevator.

Link to this video:-


  • Girl goes psycho during makeup tutorial:

All of you have seen different tutorials on youtube but this video is different.

In this video, a woman teaches you how to do makeup and on the left side, her computer screen is also visible. Suddenly, a mysterious picture shows and video took a serious way and the girls got scary.

Link to this video:


  • My sister:

This video was uploaded in the year 2011 on reader dwed youtube channel. This video is very mysterious and a woman comes in front of the camera.

you can see something wrong with her face when she is near the camera. It seems she is wearing a mask, which is well-fit on her face and she keeps coming back and forth to the camera but this time something different thing happens.

Link to this video:–


  • Possessed girl found in subway:

This video is taken by Dalan chrome in a subway in San Francisco, he was doing live stream in the subway when this incident happen.

Dalan and their friends were roaming in the subway, they saw the blood mark on the land, and after going little further, they found a woman with wounds and blood-covered, her position was not right.

some things were hurting her inside, both friends thought that they should help her but anything was not right. Then suddenly the woman starts chasing her.

Link to this video:


  • The haunting of Phase:

This video is recorded by a newly married couple. They say that there were paranormal activities happens in their house.

On the saying of paranormal experts, they kept recording on all the time. Although, they found this thing quite strange. they are talking about this thing in this video then suddenly very strange thing happens.

Link to this video:-

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