Mobile Camera vs Digital Camera. Do you still need a DSLR?

There was a time when mobile phones only had one job to do – make calls and receive them as camera are not developed that time. As time changed and mobile phone companies emerged on a large-scale. They started adding new features in their mobiles and now we are in an era of smartphones having hundred of greatest features. One of the most important feature today is the high-quality cameras. Nowadays, the expensive phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and Redmi Note 5 Pro are puffed with high quality lenses to give impressive HD pictures and 4K videos. But, on comparing with the Digital Cameras or DSLR, the results are not much impressive.

More often people wonder that if their phones have pretty impressive cameras, do they need a DSLR? The answer is on your choice of photography. If you are just a regular wandering person who clicks few snaps on their way; then a smart phone is best for you. But if you are a professional photographer, then nothing could replace a DSLR. On taking all the aspects, we had made a list of reasons to get a DSLR camera and smart phone camera.

Reasons to get a Mobile Camera
1. Convenience:

Unless you are a professional photographer, you can’t use a DSLR. The most important thing that makes a mobile camera more efficient is, being convenient. A mobile phone is something that you can get along everywhere. Even you can miss your keys, your wallet etc but you must grab your smart phone while going out. Even the most compact DSLR can’t be more convenient than a smart phone. It is because a smart phone can make calls, can share images on internet but a DSLR can’t even think of it.

2. Playback:

What a DSLR really lacks, is only a big screen. Over few years, people are very conscious on getting a smart phone of 6-inch or 7-inch display. More often, 5.2+ inch phones are mandatory which is just double of a DSLR screen. The resolution and pixels density of a 6 inch smart phone is better than that of a DSLR screen. With a smart phone, you can easily view the pictures instantly and can judge them. But, in the case of DSLR, you must have to transfer them to a laptop for playback and properly see them.

3. Media Sharing

Mostly even you take a picture with your smart phone, you are supposed to share it on the internet. If you also like to do this, then you are definitely going to miss it while using digital cameras. Nowadays, many DSLR cameras have wireless connectivity feature which allows them to send picture from DSLR to laptop or Tablets directly. But only smartphones are capable of sharing them directly to the Internet. Maybe in future, some advanced technology would come that would let DSLR camera to share images directly to internet. But now only smartphones have this feature.

4. Image Editing:

A smart phone may not provides high quality pictures like the digital cameras. But these pictures are quite good from the eyes of a person unless you are a professional photographer. An amazing feature that only smartphones have is that you can easily edit pictures and videos in less than a minute. There are above hundred of features and options for editing a picture. You can put different effects, can change the focus point, can remove extra brightness and many more things. Anyone can’t even think of doing these things using a DSLR camera. We have to send it to a laptop or tablet and edit them with professional editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop.

Reasons to choose a DSLR camera.
1. Picture Quality:

Let’s get real and see the picture quality of a DSLR camera and a smart phone camera. A person who didn’t had a little knowledge about photography would also vote for the DSLR camera. Basically if you are a beginner and have very low knowledge about cameras and want to start photography, then you will definitely choose a DSLR. This is because of the features that a DSLR camera have. The settings, the autofocus feature and other stuffs takes it to another level. A smart phone camera doesn’t produces a high quality picture because they have many functions to do along with clicking pictures. On the other hand, digital cameras only have single work to do, so they never outrun the quality of images

2. Standard Settings:

A smart phone have a bunch of settings and options in it which you can change as per your needs. You can increase or decrease the brightness, can change the ISO speed but on a DSLR camera you can do much more than that. There are about hundred of features in a DSLR camera that only a professional photographer can understand how much important they are for a perfect picture. The shutter speed and variable aperture are some features that smartphones will never have.

3. Lens Flexibility:

A smart phone camera comes with a fixed lens which is used for clicking all type of pictures in different situations. In 2018, various smart phone brands launched phones with variable aperture but have fixed lens. A DSLR camera can have different removable lens which you can choose. Professional photographers are found with different lens for indoor, outdoor, natural and underwater photography.

4. Battery Life:

The battery is something that you don’t need to take tension about when you are using a DSLR camera. Any standard good quality camera can take 500-1000 pictures or even more than that with add-on battery packs. But in the case of a smart phone, its battery can never produce that much of power. The reason is that it has to give power to lots of other features and applications. But a DSLR have only single work to do so their battery lasts longer.

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