How to keep yourself motivated to get fit

How to keep yourself motivated to get fit

Give yourself the reason by picking a goal:

Everything we are doing cause of some reason even we walk due to we have to reach anywhere.

so, If you have no reason to do workout then why will you do. so, pick a goal like (muscle building, fat loss, improve joint flexibility, etc) then you will not lose your way and you stick on your goal and complete the goal.

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Write down your feeling after the workout:

It is the main point that anyone ignores, either you distract from the goal or not you should write your good feelings.

If you’ll write down your feelings after workout then you’ll able to read the feelings and get motivated by reading the good feelings after a workout and your mind will also feel light and good after writing the feelings.

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Spend money on workout clothes & accessories:

You spend money on everything but you do not spend money on workout clothes or accessories, this is the reason you haven’t motivated and you’ll not get motivated.

If you’ll spend your money on workout clothes or accessories then you’ll feel something new and your motivation level will go high.

Give yourself some minor or major (depends on your level) challenge:

You don’t know where you are in your goal, how much time will you take in completing your goal, If you’ll give you some challenge you know your weak and strong point and you got the chance to cure them and you’ll never feel lazy and always feel energetic. your desire will give you the energy to complete the challenge and reach your goal.

Give yourself the real reward:

You are doing anything If you’ll not get appreciated and reward then your energy to do that work will not high and you’ll feel lazy. so, If you complete the challenge then you give yourself some reward like (party, treat, some pretty things etc). It keeps your motivation level high.

Measure your workout record by using apps:

You should know the record of yours with the help of some mobile application like StravaSworkit, J&J Official 7 minute workout, JEFITRunKeeper.

If you’ll not see the workout record of yours that you do daily then you can’t know about your effort+. so, keep the record of your workout on your mobile phone and get motivation.

Compete with anyone of your level:

The competition will make you energetic and give you the reason to do workout and win the competition and If you have your destination then you’ll never lose your way and you’ll also never get demotivated.

Always be positive: At last, I want to tell you that always think positive, Never think negative like “I can’t do that, the result is nothing”, tell you that “you’ll do anything”


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