Free mobile apps for all round development

Free mobile apps for all round development


Free mobile apps for all round development. Those who run according to the time, then the time runs according to them.

So, I give you the free mobile app that will work for you every day.

These Apps will raise your focus, performance, overall improvement, double, triple your results, will make your life better,  etc.

Let’s discover free mobile all-round development, The first app is:

It is a very interesting app, In this app, you have your own forest which increases by increasing your achievements or decreases by decreasing your achievements.Free mobile apps for all round development

Let’s understand this app: In this app, you have your own forest, in which you can tree your plant. Assume you sit down for completing a task and you think that you complete your task in 45 minutes then you set a timer in this app and start the timer and start your work.

Now, as soon as your 45 minutes will be complete you have got a notification from this app. If you did your task for 45 minutes then you will click ok then your tree will be planted in your forest (garden).

But if you use your mobile phone before completing your task or distract by any other reason or start any other work then you will accept your fault and at the same time, one of your trees will fade.

You can choose your timer from 15 minutes to 2 hrs, the more time, the bigger the tree.

This app will effect your mental psychology and show your report card in front of you, you feel your sense of achievements, you have your target to create your tree not fade.

  • White noise generator app:-

By hearing this app name you think that this app will like a noise app, right, wrong. I tell you that how much important is this.

Free mobile apps for all round development

what is white noise? Assume that you sit for study and try to focus on your work but  different sounds come and distract our focus

Already concentration power is less. it reduces it further.

So. in this situation a counter noise (same sound) would be needed.

In this app, you have different counter sound like raindrops, waterfall sounds, forests sound.

If you want you can hear this sound when you do meditation or relaxing, sleeping.

  • Color note:-


It happens so many time, we suddenly miss that works, what the work would be I thought that there ate so many works that we forget to do or can’t do at the right time.

In this app (color note) you can store your info. in two types either in list or checklist.

Suddenly, if you have any idea, you want to write immediately then you can write this idea in text format.

If you have to remember any things, you can set a reminder.

you have to wish anniversary 10 days later, write all this in the text in this app.

you can write your work on the checklist.

Source:- Youtube, Wikipedia, own research

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