Facebook had a data sharing deal with Smartphone Companies.

Facebook gave 60 organizations including Spotify, Nike, and UPS unique access to its user’s information.
The revelation about the access was disclosed in a written submission the company filed to US Congress as part of an inquiry into as how Facebook handles users data.
Some of the previous partnerships about data sharing had already been uncovered. Apple, Amazon, Samsung and other popular device manufacturers had data sharing agreements with Facebook.

The company has confirmed data-sharing agreements with Chinese companies.

It has confirmed it’s a data-sharing partnership with Chinese companies together with Huawei.

The data – sharing deal included information about user relationship status, upcoming events, user religion and political affiliation.

The Company released an announcement with all due respect saying that releasing the information to mobile creators at the time was the main way users could have the full Facebook features encounter.

It has also revealed that it granted extensions to access a user’s profile as well as some data from users friends.

The Company said all the information collected remained on users’ phones, not servers.

Huawei Technologies, Lenovo and smartphone manufacturers OPPO and TCL firm were among sixty firms worldwide that received access to some users data.

Huawei has worked with Facebook to make Facebook’s administrations more helpful for users, like all popular mobile phone suppliers.

A company representative told the Press Association that: The reason for these organizations was to assemble Facebook and Facebook highlights into the accomplices’ gadgets and different items.

Individuals were just ready to get to these experiences – and the data expected to help them – when they signed in or associated their account.

In April, we openly declared that we’d begin closing down these APIs (application programming interfaces) – and we keep on making different changes that limit the data individuals can share to more readily secure their protection.

Application program interface essentially indicates how programming segments ought to cooperate.

Despite the fact that the organization has a strict govern about how outsider applications got to client information, 61 firms were as yet conceded expansions of no less than a half year.

Mark Zuckerberg, acknowledged an obligation regarding the rupture and he stated: We didn’t take a sufficiently expansive perspective of our duty, and that was a major mistake. It was my slip-up, and I’m sad. “I started Facebook, I run it, and I’m in charge of what occurs here.

The company said they had ended 38 of the 52 partnerships data sharing deals, but it does not specify whether it ended them before or after 2015.
The Company can be in a legal trouble because it violates the “consent decree” deal that Facebook had with the FTC in 2011.

The Federal Trade Commission confirmed in March that it had been investigation Facebook’s privacy practices.

The Organization has been under intense scrutiny following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Cambridge Analytica was able to get its hands on millions of Facebook users data. It made it easy for the third party app to get data from users and their friends.

The Company is anticipating tending to any inquiries the Commerce Committee has with respect to the client’s information protection.

Up to 87 million people were affected by a controversial data breach following the Cambridge Analytica.

It is already underneath scrutiny over how it uses members data.

A Facebook executive mentioned that the corporate had carefully managed the access it gave to the Chinese firms.

The Company rejected claims that this had been a breach of privacy pledges that it had created to its members and a United States regulator.

Either way, it seems Facebook allowed access to users data than it has admitted to. The FTC is investigating Facebook and would have to go through a lot of data to check how the users’ data has been mishandled.

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