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Everyone who is new to blogging or newbie has many questions extruding in his mind like.

How can I start blogging, what can I write etc…So, These are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about blogging and publishing content online?

Questions are answered by a proficient blogger Alejandro Magallon from San Leandro, California who is the founder and CEO of (DAPULSE)

Let’s get started.

Q 1. which platform is best for blogging?

Ans. When we first started DAPULSE, I went ahead and used Wix, we used it for 2 years, but immediately realized it was not something we could scale on. After a lot of searching for the perfect hosting provider, we finally found our home with (DreamPress). we also built our site on the WordPress platform which allows us to scale and customize as much as we want.

Q 2. I don’t have money. How do I get started?

Ans. If launching a blog is your dream, there are a lot of great free options out there but ultimately if you want to make it into a business and scale, something more customizable is the way to go.

It is not necessary to have a budget to start, but it will be crucial at some point down the line, All I can say is, no matter where your sites home are at the focus on building and sharing your brand.

Q 3. There are so many blogs out there. how can I stand out?

Ans. This is where the brand building and sharing comes into play, the truth is the only way to stand out is to be consistent and have a unique brand, contribute to other sites and generate links to your own, join online groups and share and take part in community activities, focus on the quality of the content, not the quantity.

Q 4. I don’t get enough traffic. What do I have to do?

Ans. Referral traffic is the best option out there, it gives you page authority and brings an audience similar to the focus of your site.

Participating in online groups is a great way to generate referral traffic as you can be featured on other sites… social media is another big one… many people quickly turn to Google and put their focus there.

But the truth is a referred link carries more value than a simple search. At some point, search engines will start picking this info up… and you won’t have to do it yourself.

Q 5. How do I know if I’m doing well with my blog?

Ans. A lot of people expect comments, but not even huge sites like Fox or CNN have comments on their articles… so don’t worry if you lack this type of user interaction with your content.

Instead implement a rating system (which will also boost your site on Google (depending on ratings) reactions is a perfect example, but ultimately sharing. If someone shares your content you know you’ve connected with them in some way to the point where they feel like sharing this information.

Audience retention is another way to know for sure that you are connecting and doing well, INTERACT with your audience, they run your site!

Q 6. I don’t see much growth of my blog – do you have any advice for me?

Ans. When we started DAPULSE back in 2016, we also did not see much progress… we weren’t entirely successful ultimately what ended it all was the fact we did not try HARDER.

It wasn’t until this past year 2017 I had a lot of time to think and plan a comeback, we performed a complete redesign of our site, our content, our target audience… and ultimately the way we engaged with our audience, and so far after launching this year, January 2018 we are doing amazing! So if you don’t see any progress, don’t give up, it takes time and dedication. Try and try again, just keep going. It will slowly but surely grow, engage with fellow bloggers.

Q 7. How many words should my articles have?

Ans. Your articles at the minimum should be at least 400-1200 words… anything beyond 500 is either way too much (unless you have something to say) and will increase your site and page bounce rate.

people don’t stay engaged for too long… so honestly the shorter the better, but try to inform as much as you can in that short bit.

Q 8. How many times should I post per week?

Ans. Depending on your sites focus… if its a news site (related to any category such as; tech, entertainment, science, lifestyle, etc) then posting once a day will dramatically increase your search visibility… not to mention the fact news on these categories is always being pumped out quickly by other blogs or sites. So try to be first… and try to be original. Being consistent is a must if you want Google to have a set index rate for your site. (DONT THROW THE BOT OFF) or it will throw your site off as well. If it’s a regular (me kinda blog) then anywhere from 1-3 times a week is perfect.

Q 9. I don’t have any specific expertise. What should I create content about?

Ans. Well, usually blogs are about something you want to share… (your story, your voice, your opinion, and thoughts) think of it as a journal. If you want to go bigger and have a content site then lifestyle is one of the biggest topics that people want to read about… not to mention the fact many categories fall under Lifestyle such as health, home & garden, food & drinks, DIY, etc… so there is always plenty to write about.

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