Mahi turns 37 today. Twitter explodes from wishes!

The former Indian captain MS Dhoni turns 37 today and wishes are flooding all over the Twitter. The Indian legend, after completing the match against England on Friday, celebrated his birthday along with his wife, Sakshi, and daughter Ziva accompanied by the members of the Indian Cricket team. The team also celebrated Mahi’s birthday as a milestone for MS Dhoni as he became the third Indian player to complete 500 international matches, only behind the two legends, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. After completing the match against England, the former…

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Habits of successful people

habits of successful people

Habits of successful people   In this world, every people wants to be successful and achieve his/her target but he/she has some bad habits that create the distance between success and him/her. Today in this world competition become harder and harder. So, If you want to be successful and achieve some of your goals, today I gonna tell you some¬†Habits of successful people.¬†So, don’t wasting time let’s explore the habits of successful people: Habit No. 1: They set goals and works on it regularly: you have probably never met a…

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